Teosyal® Puresense Ultra Deep (2×1.2ml)

Teosyal Ultra Deep PureSense is the gentle way to add volume to the skin
The latest Teosyal PureSense series Hyaluronic acid gels are the purest gel that makes them homogeneous with an incredibly magical result that gives patients the volume they long for. The gel formulation makes the skin less sensitive to the breakdown of free radicals.

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Product Description

With Teosyal Ultra Deep , you can fill deep wrinkles and gently restore facial volume. The dermal filler also has a very high elasticity, which prevents new volume loss. The results are long-lasting due to the filler’s high cross-linking. Lidocaine, a local anesthetic included in the hyaluronic acid filler, results in more comfortable and less painful injections.

Needle/cannula: 27 G

Usage Area And Content

Field of application
Glabellar folds The view Puppet folds Mentolabial folds Corner of mouth Nasolabial folds Perioral wrinkles Cheek area

Manufacturer: Teoxane Concentration: 25 mg/g HA Package contents: 2 x 1.2ml