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PRX-T Lady

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This product must be stored between 2-8°C within 72 hours of delivery from our warehouse.

With PRX-T Lady, it is possible to safely and easily treat signs of aging (chronic aging) and hyperpigmentation of the female intimate area, around the anus, at the areola and underarms. In addition, an effective illumination of the woman's external intimate area is achieved. PRX-T Lady provides an aesthetic medical treatment for skin tightening and brightening. Desired areas are restored to their original aesthetics in a painless, needle-free treatment with PRX-T Lady. The special feature of this product is its simple and quick application, with only 15 minutes per treatment, clients achieve optimal results. The course of treatment is usually completed after three to five sessions.

For long-lasting results, PRX-T Lady works with a formula of hydrogen peroxide, TCA and kojic acid. These active ingredients stimulate skin regeneration and have a brightening effect without dangerous side effects. The effect of this treatment is already visible after the first application: the appearance of the skin looks significantly fresher and rejuvenated. The effect can last 9-12 months after correct application of the treatment, depending on age, skin type, sports activity and the technique used.

Before application, mucous membranes must be protected with WiQo Crema Restitutiva and the treatment ends with this cream as well.


The package contains 5 vials x 2 ml


Additional information

Weight 0,185 kg
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 6 cm

Field of application

  • Women’s intimate area
  • Armpits
  • Areola
  • Anal area

Not applied to mucous membranes


TCA, hydrogen peroxide, kojic acid

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