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Prostrolane Blanc-B 2ML

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Prostrolane Blanc B Dermal Filler is the peptide blocker for melanin hypersynthesis, with a pronounced depigmenting and filling effect. Prostrolane Blank-B inhibits the interaction of receptors with melanocyte-stimulating hormone, as well as tyrosinase activity. Reduces the activity of melanosomes that move along the processes of melanocytes to keratinocytes, which provides a pronounced lightening of age spots.

Brightening effect is achieved through peptide regulation of the melanogenesis process in its main stages. Strengthening the blood vessel walls and activating neoangiogenesis enhances the effect of radiant skin.

Face lifting effect is provided by increasing the synthetic and proliferative activity of skin cells, restoring the extracellular matrix, as well as technologies and injection techniques developed for this filler.

Natural effect is achieved through the preparation's filling properties, which allow you to gently fill in wrinkles, correct shadow areas and create naturally beautiful young facial contours.

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Weight 0,076 kg
Dimensions 21,5 × 7,5 × 3,5 cm

Field of application




PBS(Phosphate Buffered Saline), Sodium Hyaluronate (0.7%), Peptide Complex (Oligopeptide-92, Octapeptide-11, Feruloyl Oligo peptide-33, Valprooyl Oligopeptide-33)

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