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Nexfill VOLUME is a CE-marked monophasic filler from Korea that stands out from other fillers on the market thanks to its natural deep hydration. Nexfill restores volume loss by stimulating the fibroblasts to produce collagen.

Nexfill VOLUME is designed to treat deep lines and add contour & volume to the face.

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Nexfill provides immediate results that last over a year. This is one of the more durable fillers on the market. After extremely careful testing, it was found that Nexfill retains a large part of its shape 24 hours after a hyaluronidase injection, which shows that it has a high viscoelasticity and long durability compared to other fillers. At the same time, it is completely degraded 48 hours after injection, indicating that Nexfill has a high purity resulting in minimized side effects.

Using a patented technology, Nexus Pharma has combined traditional cross-linking techniques with mechanical cross-linking to create an improved filler with the highest viscoelasticity. Nexfill is unique as it uses 60% less BDDE agent compared to other fillers, which creates a cleaner filler with significantly less swelling.

  • Minimized content of BDDE: 60% less than industry standard for BDDE in filler
  • High Density Tapping Technology: Premium viscoelasticity with mechanical cross-linking
  • Ultra-low pollution: Extensive purification procedures in manufacturing, resulting in extremely low pollution
  • Premium monophasic filler: Perfect uniformity for natural results


Additional information

Weight 0,043 kg
Dimensions 19 × 7 × 3 cm

Field of application

Nasolabial folds


Hyaluronic acid 24 mg
Lidocaine 0.3%
1 ml x 1 syringe

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