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Ice Mask™ Supercharger 24-pack

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Ice Mask™ Supercharger is ideal for use after aesthetic treatments, especially microneedling, laser/IPL and acne treatments. Ice Mask™ is a super-light sheet mask with dual cryo effect that moisturises, soothes and provides extra cooling without causing a vascular contraction. Supercharger is antibacterial and antimicrobial thanks to nanosilver and nanozinc, which prevent infection and inflammation of the skin. After use, skin cell renewal is accelerated, collagen is strengthened, reducing lines and wrinkles, swelling and redness are reduced, skin is hydrated by up to 500%, capillaries are strengthened, improving microcirculation, and sebum production is reduced by up to 62%.

Ice Mask™ Supercharger can be used in the clinic in treatments or sold with the customer for use at home. Please note that this is not a traditional sheet mask, but is a cryomask that is activated when the liquid comes into contact with the sheet and is not wet like regular sheet masks. Thanks to this, the mask can also be used on top of makeup for extra freshness during the day.

To use the Ice Mask™, the centre of the capsule is pressed down firmly in two steps, then the liquid comes into contact with the sheet which sucks in the contents. Once the mask has risen from the capsule, it is ready to be applied. Leave the mask on for about 10 minutes.

Field of application

  • Face


Aqua, Ethanol, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, PEG-40 hydrogenated castor oil, Menthol, Camphor, Hyaluronic acid, Nanosilver, Nanozinc, CI42090/BLUE 1

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