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Dives Fine Line Lidocaine 1x2ml

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Fine Line
Filler characterized by the lightest density and size of hyaluronic acid molecules, which makes it extremely soft and plastic. Dedicated to the most sensitive areas of the skin, subtly improving the volume of the lips and eliminating delicate wrinkles around the eyes, and forehead.

Delicate effect
The decreased concentration of hyaluronic acid allows for a subtle improvement
in skin defects

Extraordinary plasticity
The lightest density of the preparation enables an exceptionally even and precise effect

Maximum dynamics
The light and plastic texture allows you to fill even superficial wrinkles in particularly simulated areas of movement

Retains softness
The product's highest integrity with the skin enables a completely natural look

Long lasting effect
Thanks to the use of a unique production technology, the effects
of the treatment lasts for about 6 months

Field of application

• smooth out superficial wrinkles around the eyes
• correction of wrinkles around the mouth
• restoring the volume of the lips that is lost with age
• reduction of delicate nasolabial folds
• correction of marionette lines
• fill in the lion’s wrinkles
• minimize neck wrinkles
• improvement of the volume of the earlobes and the skin of the hands.


HA acid concentration 16 mg/ml

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