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Dives Power Anti Aging Mask 50ml

Rejuvenating mask with anti-aging cell technology.

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Recommended for the care of mature skin with problems with facial and static wrinkles and gravitational loss of volume. Allows rapid restoration of the skin's cohesion and, thanks to the high concentration of skin-filling and density-increasing components, visibly reduces wrinkles and smoothes the skin. Intensively moisturizes, strengthens the layer in the skin, gives a feeling of smoothness and softness. The effect of a younger and revitalized skin is visible after the first use.


advanced aging of the skin
wrinkles and loss of elasticity
laxity of the skin
sun damage and exogenous aging
loss of moisture and dehydration of the tissue

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Weight 0,283 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 7 cm

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