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Dives EyeTouch20 1ml

The Dives EyeTouch20 is a patented formula with hyaluronic acid used for an anti aging effect around the eye area. It tightens the skin, fills wrinkles and improves the eye contour and the hydration around the eyes.

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Specially developed and patented formula of hyaluronic acid intended for anti-aging stimulation of the sensitive skin around the eyes. The unique technology of creating the product provides multidimensional and cumulative effects to rejuvenate and eliminate wrinkles caused by the movement and expression in the temple area. Eye Touch thickens and tightens the skin in a spectacular way, causing a powerful filling of wrinkles, without the effect of an artificial mask. The preparation permanently improves the eye contour, increases the level of hydration and minimizes the appearance of crows feet, ensuring a visibly rejuvenated and energetic look.

Additional information

Weight 0,072 kg
Dimensions 20 × 9,5 × 3,5 cm

Field of application

  • Eye area


HA acid concentration 12 mg/ml

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