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DIVES WITH Art Grade Extreme Lift are Korean COG threads for redermalization and intensive skin lifting. They are made from a single polydioxanone fiber with a system of embossed microhooks that anchor into the skin and enable tissue lifting and restoration of facial proportions.

A premium thread with the highest quality and safety profile confirmed by Cϵ and KFDA medical certification.

The wire is made up of a system of embossed hooks, which form a network of hooks in a toothed form. Due to the specific arrangement of the hooks and the lack of cuts, Molding thread is the strongest COG thread for V-Lifting. Thanks to its specific structure, Molding thread is characterized by the highest tensile strength and has the greatest tissue lifting power, which enables the most advanced skin lifting, the effects of which are comparable to surgical lifting. In addition, the material from which the thread fiber is made (polydioxanone) is a specific tissue stimulator that stimulates the process of new collagen, i.e. stimulation of collagen and elastin - proteins responsible for firmness and tone of the skin. Scientific studies have also confirmed the beneficial effect of polydioxanone on the induction of natural hyaluronic acid. Thanks to their stimulating properties, treatments with threads provide additional therapeutic effects, especially in terms of skin rejuvenation and tightening.

The threads undergo complete metabolism within 8-12 months, but the effects obtained persist for up to 2 years. This guarantees complete safety, without the risk of allergies or overgrowth and scarring.

DIVE With. Extreme Lift - Molding COG are medical threads for extreme skin lifting. Threads with a system of pressed hooks in toothed arrangement, with the highest tissue capacity and greatest resistance to breakage and stretching. Placed in a comfortable type W scapular cannula, which reduces tissue trauma and the risk of bruising. They provide an immediate and lasting effect of strong tension and skin rejuvenation.

Indications for use on the face and body:

- restore the correct oval of the face

- droopy cheeks

- relaxation of the skin in the area under the jaw

- bust lift

Field of application


19G – 100mm (Needle) / 150mm (Thread) USP 2

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