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Dives Anti Age Soft Peel Set

Superficial peeling with excellent tolerance and rejuvenating and moisturizing properties.

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Due to its moisturizing and refreshing effects, it is often used as a preliminary protocol for other care and aesthetic treatments. It restores the skin's unique, natural and beautiful appearance that it has lost due to insufficient care or negative effects of external factors.
Created to be used all year round, also works for sensitive skin.

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Weight 0,285 kg
Dimensions 19 × 17 × 5 cm

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Arginine (20%) – a natural amino acid that is a strong moisturizer. It allows you to quickly rebuild the hydrophilic mantle and limit the transepidermal water leak (TEWL). It increases the pH of the formulation, reducing the irritating effect of acids without reducing their effectiveness, while supporting the diffusion of active ingredients into the skin. It soothes, calms irritations, protects damaged parts of the skin against micro-infections. It is a source of endogenous nitrogen and indirectly stimulates vascular flow, increasing the level of oxygenation and detoxification of tissues.

Lactic acid (18%) – AHA acid with moderate action, strong hydrating and moisturizing properties. It is the main component of the physiological NMF (natural moisturizing factor). It stimulates the ceramides in the epidermis and seals the skin’s hydrolipid envelope. It has a positive effect on the speed of epidermal cell replacement, giving the skin a long-lasting refreshing effect without feeling dry. It inhibits melanogenic processes, which effectively reduces discoloration. It stimulates the induction of supporting fibers, which provides long-term effects of thickening and thickening of the skin.

Urea (5%) – NMF component (natural moisturizing factor) with an intensive moisturizing effect. Its anti-inflammatory activity, which is the result of its anti-proliferative and anti-granulating activities, helps fight acne. It has a keratolytic effect and supports active absorption of active ingredients in the deep parts of the skin.

Aloe (1%) – a source of over 200 valuable substances for health and beauty care. It has strong anti-inflammatory, soothing and calming properties. It limits and regulates the secretion of sebum, soothes inflammation and lightens post-inflammatory discoloration. It restores smoothness and
firmness against the skin on the face.

Allantoin (0.2%) – has a strong moisturizing, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, soothing and astringent effect. It soothes irritation and redness, reduces burning and itching of the skin. Accelerates the regeneration and rebuilding of the epidermis.

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