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DA:ALL 19G 100 mm Molding 8 pcs (POUCH)

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DA:ALL is a Korean brand of high quality threads and distinguishes itself from other threads on the market by its white color and long durability.

In the production of Premium Molding Cog wires, they do not undergo any heat treatment, which means that the shape is kept constant without any thermal denaturation, this means that they maintain their tensile strength and durability for a long time and they can also maintain the degradation properties of PDO Mono wires. This special treatment also ensures that the tissue is not damaged by the threads, which would otherwise cause unpleasant pain to the patient.

100 mm (needle)
160 mm (wire)


About Da:all

Manufactured by world leader META-BIOMED, Da:all offers unique threads created from white PDO (polydioxanone). Unlike conventional violet PDO yarns, these undergo 8 different stages of production and are cleaned in "clean rooms" in the complete absence of water vapour (humidity has a very negative impact on the quality of the yarns). This results in an ideal product, both in terms of properties and purity. Thanks to this technology, the effect is longer lasting and the threads retain their properties twice as long as standard threads from other manufacturers.

● The only white, non-surgical thread in the world
● The white thread becomes invisible under the skin
● Perfect for the thin skin on the nose, forehead and under the eyes

Additional information

Weight 0,046 kg
Dimensions 27 × 15 × 2 cm

Field of application

  • Cheekbone
  • Eyebrow lift (Foxy eyes – may need to be trimmed to achieve 19G 70 mm)
  • Breast Lift
  • Hull lift


1 bag – 8 threads

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